TGLS- SHEHZAD KHAN, the Mumbai based flagship store of Shehzad khan that infuses the ancient art of gold leading into new-age décor.

Gold leafing, most prominent ancient art is not just confined to palaces and places of worship any more. Shehzad Khan brings back the ancient art with a contemporary touch for modern India.

TGLS- SHEHZAD KHAN the flagship store of Shehzad Khan, which was formerly known as The Gold Leafing Studio showcases the heritage colour in various vogue making it available to people.

The mastermind Shehzad Khan, was all set to become a commercial pilot. But destiny had his future written in gold. Struck with triple jaundice attack, he realized something was holding him back. He then heard the call of his forefathers from above and decided that his future was in goldleafing, the art that runs into his blood. At the age of 15, he decided to take Pink City international his father company then to different heights. Therefore, he started with his research on interiors and furniture. He graduated in Interior Designing.

After an extensive study about interiors and furniture, he tried convincing stalwarts of architecture to use goldleafing in their designs. But the very idea of using gold on the interiors was considered gaudy and jazzy and therefore the proposal was declined. It took a lot from Shehzad to convince architects. His perseverance and hard work finally paid off with bagging the assignment of gilding Cartier showroom in Oberoi, Mumbai in 1995 with a German architect which was followed by Orchid Hotels, Mumbai in 1996 and Taj Mahal, Mumbai.

Since then, Shehzad has undertaken prestigious assignments of goldleafing. His high profile clientele include celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Lakshmi Mittal as well as corporates like Videocon , Hdil , UB Spirit. They have also done leafing for hotels like the Taj, Hilton Oberoi Tower,Le Royal Meridien and Hyatt Regency. Apart from that, they have also done goldleafing on 80% temples and churches across India including the famous ISKCON Temple, Siddhivinayak Temple, Salarjung Museum and Palaces and many prominent places of worship abroad like the Swaminarayan temple, London, Jamea Anwar, Egypt, to name a few.

With design lines almost fading between retail, hospitality and commercial spaces, leafing imparts the built-in luxury that help modern day interiors define their affluence and set themselves a distinct identity. TGLS offers artwork ranging from gold & silver, bronze & copper to champagne applying different textures to create varied and astonishingly dissimilar looks.

Today, Shehzad Khan has given a new visual dimension to the art of Goldleafing with varying treatments like antique, champagne, patina, crackle, oxidized and textured finishes in gold, silver and copper. Working closely with eminent designers and architects has helped evolve new ideas and techniques in leafing. This in turn has enhanced visual richness and created a fourth dimension that has redefined space.




The Fashionable World by the Gold Leafing Studio.

We have been carving the essence of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper Champagne and Antique all around you. The next time when you see a glitter in your daily lives you surely would be distracted. That’s when you would start craving for more beautiful distractions. To quench your craving simply introduce The Fashionable World of “The Gold Leafing Studio” into your lives and experience a complete transformation.

Divas, Celebrities and Iconic Business houses that have experienced and patronized “The ETERNAL GLITTERING BLISS




Since the beginning of time Precious Elements have fascinated mankind Precious Elements have created stories.

One such story is written by Leafing Gold, Silver, Copper, Champagne and Antique. The story of -The Gold Leafing Studio-

By the Artisans and the Architects of the Present Era

Embrace the Brand New World of The Gold Leafing Studio

The Prestige Collection-

The Shimmering Leafing Journey has just begin. Imagine your world embossed in genuine 24 Carat Gold. Exotic Gold Leafing done on household furniture and wares making their beauty last forever…

Crafted by Nature’s Passion and Artisans Perfection The Gold Leafing Studio

Gold and Silver were the metal of the elite and the royal. Beautiful Leafing was done on these lustrous metals and thus evolved The Gold Leafing Studio .Since then hundreds of years have passed…Today we cater to homes, hotels and offices, while beautifying nonliving objects and giving them a boon of eternal life.

The Classic Collection-

Leafing Objects of Nostalgia and Religion is a form of Art. Captivating time by Leafing gold, silver and champagne on objects, monuments and antiques that speak of the bygone era. This Polish Time Travel is brought to you by The Gold Leafing Studio

Affordable Stylized Luxury that’s Class Apart- The Gold Leafing Studio

There was a time when The Gold Leafing was a privilege of the chosen few but today the times have change .The Legacy of Leafing Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper is at the disposal of those who believe in Affordable Luxury.

The Esteem Collection-

Classical and Contemporize, Silver Leafing is the choice of the Esteemed and the Elite

Shimmering Imaginations and Myths get real by The Gold Leafing Studio

We are the House of Artisans who beautify everything around you .The Gold Leafing Studio engraves the Midas touch of Leafing Gold, Silver, Copper, Champagne and Antique to your home décor as well as the surroundings. So whatever myths and imaginations you posses they shall turn real via us.

FineArt Collection-

Today the Legacy of Leafing Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Champagne is at the disposal of those, who believe in Affordable Luxury. The Gold Leafing Studio embosses the fine art of leafing in Homes, Hotels and Offices while giving a Brand New meaning to your World.

The Framework Collection –

Beautifying and Enhancing non living Objects.

Highlighting borders of furniture, walls, ceilings, artifacts with borderline leafing.TGLS has sophisticatedly made modern India relish this glittery touch of heritage.


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